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Back to School

By Susan Galpin-Tyree

Do you remember when “back to school” meant new No. 2 pencils and a new plastic pencil pouch that slipped into your new three-ring binder? Maybe you would get a new lunch box, and, if you were lucky, you’d have new school clothes! Perhaps you don’t, but I do.

I also had burning questions like, will I fit in? Will my teacher be nice? What if I can’t find my classroom, or worse, go into the wrong classroom?

While our school supply lists may have changed, it’s likely we may have questions even at university.

If you find yourself at a loss, or simply need a little guidance, go to Educational Outreach and Student Resources on the ASU website. Student Advocacy and Assistance is a central resource for student assistance at ASU. Their office links students with campus and community resources to support the achievement of their academic goals and ensure their health and well-being.

Regardless our ages and life experiences, it’s always a good thing to seek connectivity and assurance when navigating the unknown.

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